Find Created Date and Modified Date – SQL Server

Just a day ago I was working with database. I wanted to know the recently modified date of Store procedure and table. After searching on net I come up with solution. I found simple script to get list of store procedure modified in last 3 days.

Using this script you can retrieve created date and modified date.

SELECT name, modify_date, create_date,

FROM sys.objects

WHERE type = ‘P’

AND DATEDIFF(D,modify_date, GETDATE()) < 3

ORDER BY modify_date DESC

Type: whether it is table, store procedure, etc.

  • S = System Table
  • PK = Primary Key
  • U = User Table
  • P = Stored Procedure
  • TF = Table Value Function
  • FN = Scalar Function
  • D = Default Constraint
  • create_date = Date when it is created
  • modify_date = Last modified date time of table, store procedure, etc.

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