SSMS Tip: What happened to my keyboard shortcuts? Ctrl+R (Show/Hide Result)

Ctrl+R is a good friend of mine. It is very handy to use this command not only to hide the results pane away and focus on the query, but to also be able to bring the results back just as quickly – without having to run the query again

In SSMS 2014 when I press Ctrl+R to show/hide my result pane, I was getting below message in the left bottom of SSMS.

“(Ctrl+R) was pressed. Waiting for second key of chord…”

Pressing Ctrl+R again I get message as “The key combination (Ctrl+R, Ctrl+R) is not a command”

Here is what I did to make my shortcut work again.

  1. Go to Tools Menu in SSSMS
  2. Click on Option
  3. Go to Keyboard and expand the menu
  4. Click on option Keyboard again
  5. Enter “Window.ShowResultsPane” in Show commands containing: search box
  6. Select “Window.ShowResultsPane”
  7. Change the “Use new shortcut in:” dropdown to “SQL Query Editor“
  8. Put your cursor in the “Press shortcut keys:” box and hit Ctrl+R
  9. Click on “Assign” button before hitting OK

Unlike some other changes that still require an SQL Management Studio restart to take effect, the change takes effect immediately, and CTRL + R should start working again.

Hope this helps! Please write comment and let me know your feedback.

Happy Coding…!!! 🙂


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