Following are the list of projects on which I have worked or I am a member of a team.

  • SourcePros (Product of Rangam Consultants Inc.)SourcePros is fully customizable to support our customer’s industry specific business workflows for order creation to distribution, candidate submissions, on- and off-boarding, time and expense keeping, consolidated billing, reporting, and more. It offers technological platform which drives operational efficiencies.


  • HEKXO ( is a system that brings people back from the virtual world to the physical world while not losing the advantages of either. HEKXO enhances digital learning and gaming by encouraging people to interact with their surroundings.


  • The Spectrum Careers ( The Spectrum Careers is a joint initiative by Rangam Consultants Inc. and Autism Speaks to raise awareness about the professional capabilities of individuals on the autism spectrum and provide employment opportunities to them. It can help so many others who have not been given the same opportunity.


  • ColorsKit ( ColorsKit is a product of collaboration and innovation. We firmly believe that for ColorsKit to have its intended impact on health care and education industries.


  • JANNYA ( JANNYA is all about caring for and sharing with the people who matter to you and your family the most.


  • EARLYThree ( EARLYThree is a childhood development tracking tool developed by WebTeam Corporation in collaboration with Dr. Michael Lewis, founding director of the Autism Center at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. This app helps parents and pediatricians screen for developmental delays like autism spectrum disorder at the most critical early stages of a child’s life – 8 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months and 36 months.


  • Shanesh COLOR Educational program ( The Shanesh Color is especially design & develops for the autistic children. Shanesh Color program offers a unique combination of interesting academic exercises that makes learning fun and pleasing for Students on every level of the autism Spectrum. This system can be enhanced to Life Learning application for autistic children in Future.


  • HRTeamPlus HRTeamPlus is an easy-to-use, web-based Staffing Solution which allows recruiter’s to track all the recruiting activities including managing resumes, candidates, employees, hiring managers and external vendors. It is a complete staffing solution.

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